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Mission & History

The Foundation

Mission & History


The NEBRASKAland Foundation promotes Nebraska through programs and awards which celebrate the State’s social, historical, cultural, educational and economic heritage.

The NEBRASKAland Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation with the Governor as the honorary chairperson formed to enhance the pride Nebraskans share in the Good Life and to display this quality of life to guests visiting the great state of Nebraska.


Organized in 1962 under the leadership of Governor Frank Morrison, the NEBRASKAland Foundation was the forerunner to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and Division of Tourism.  Nebraskaland Days, Know Nebraska Tours, and See Nebraska promotions were created by the Foundation.

The Foundation sponsors several activities for Nebraska youth, enhancing their knowledge of the history of the state.  Annual birthday parties have been celebrated in past years in locations throughout the state.  The Foundation also sponsors the annual “NEBRASKAland Competition” in which students of all ages compete in social studies exams, art, and essays, all based upon interesting facts about Nebraska.  Winners are announced during the Nebraska State Fair.

The Rising Star Award has become a major recognition by the Foundation.  The award recognizes outstanding new tourism attractions or significant expansions to existing attractions and efforts in economic and social development.

The Foundation supports other agencies in promoting Nebraska including the State Historical Society, Hall of Fame, and new Nebraska Tourism Commission.  It funds gifts for visiting dignitaries hosted by the Governor and the Secretary of State.

The most significant NEBRASKAland Foundation event is the Statehood Dinner held in the State Capitol near the time of Nebraska’s statehood anniversary, March 1.  At this event the Foundation recognizes Nebraskans who have distinguished themselves and the state.