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Who We Are

The Foundation

Who We Are

Organized in 1962 under the leadership of Governor Frank Morrison, the NEBRASKAland Foundation was the forerunner to many of Nebraska’s current economic development and tourism activities.  The NEBRASKAland Foundation’s mission is to promote Nebraska through programs and awards which celebrate the State’s social, historical, cultural, educational and economic heritage.

Youth programs are a growing part of the Foundation’s activities as found in the Foundation’s sponsorship of annual competitions at the Nebraska State Fair.  In 2012, the State Fair Education theme was “Nebraska:  Possibilities…Endless” and our sponsored competitions were held in art, computer graphics, essay/poetry, impromptu speech, PowerPoint, and social studies.

The Rising Star Award has become a major emphasis by the Foundation.  The award recognizes outstanding new tourism attractions or significant expansions to existing attractions and efforts in economic and social development.  

The Foundation produces a brochure filled with facts and highlights of our great state.  It also co-sponsors with the State Historical Society a book about the lives of Nebraska Hall of Fame inductees, assists with the Hall of Fame ceremony and funds gifts for visiting dignitaries hosted by the Governor and the Secretary of State.

The most significant NEBRASKAland Foundation event is the Statehood Day Dinner held in the State Capitol around the time of Nebraska’s statehood anniversary on March 1.  It is at this event that the Foundation recognizes Nebraskans who have distinguished themselves and the state.  At the 2013 event the Foundation also recognized a student participant in the Nebraska State Fair competition who excelled in several categories. 

Explore the Foundation’s newly re-launched website.  Look for a description of the Foundation and its programs, interesting facts about Nebraska, featured attractions and helpful tourist information, and valuable links to many great websites.  Come visit us!