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A Message from the Governor

Fellow Nebraskans,

It’s an honor to serve as the 41st Governor of the great state of Nebraska. One time-honored tradition is that the governor serves as the chairperson to the board of the NEBRASKAland Foundation (NLF). It is my pleasure to act in this capacity on behalf of the Foundation and advocate for the great work it does across the state.

The Foundation got its start in 1962 under Governor Frank Morrison. Its mission is to promote Nebraska and recognize its outstanding citizens. That opportunity occurs annually at the Statehood Day Dinner, which is held in conjunction with Nebraska’s birthday. The event is held inside our one-of-a-kind State Capitol. The architecture and artwork inside the building harkens back to before we were a state and encapsulates its history to modern times. 

In addition to hosting the Statehood Day Dinner, the NEBRASKAland Foundation organizes other programs that highlight the uniqueness of Nebraska.  We are fortunate to be gifted by living in a state where its people are its most prized asset. 

Thank you for visiting the NLF website.

God Bless,
Governor Jim Pillen

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